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Stencil Stuff now offering the new InkJecta V2.1

Wednesday May 29, 2013

We are extremely excited to announce that Stencil Stuff is now offering the new highly anticipated InkJecta V2.1! One of the most eagerly anticipated tattoo machines in history is now available.

This innovational tattoo machine utilizes the Cheyenne Grips and Cartridge System. These machines come with a 5 watt Maxon motor...Top of the line! Many different colors and styles to choose from! You can choose between the "Combo" or "Vice" version. The "Vice" versions can be purchased with a InkJecta stainless steel grip or sold separately. The "Combo" versions come ready for a screw on Cheyenne Grip(sold separately) Each Tattoo Machine Comes with a 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 mm Interchangeable Cam System, easily switchable! You don't even have to take the machine apart. Each Tattoo Machine comes with a Hard, Medium & Soft Interchangeable Flex System, easily switchable! You don't have to take the machine apart to change these out either. Another beauty of this tattoo machine is that you really only need one!  Unless you want a variety of different colors or different setups ready to go, softer, harder hit, stroke lengths,etc. This machine is Light Weight 2.3oz / 63gm Approx. STRONG long grain “FIBRE” construction! RCA Connection. Supplied with and lubricated by inox food grade lubrication. 

An Australian made top shelf product! Built by tattooists for tattooists and now offered by tattooists! Available now on the purchase page. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery on this first run, then we will have them on hand ready to send out! Enjoy!