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"Stencil Stuff is better than all other stencil products!" Clients love the massage before the pain! - Andy Engel


"Dang, this stuff just works!"- Jeff Ensminger


"I Love it!!!"- Jimi Litwalk



"Spray Stuff is a much needed product for the freehand artist"-Nick Baxter


"Stencil Stuff is a mandatory tool for shredding!!"-London


  "Stencil Stuff holds a stencil better than anything I've ever used. It's all I use now."-Bob Tyrrell


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"Finally a stencil product that actually works." - Joshua Carlton

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"Stencil stuff is unparalleled!!" - Carson Hill

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"Setting a good foundation makes for a good tattoo! I don't know what I'd do without it" - Mike DeVries



"Stencil Stuff is the only option when applying a stencil!"-Josh Duffy


"It's about time, a high quality product that really works!" - Mario Rosenau





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"It's not about the ink, it's not about the machines, it's not even about the needles, it's all about the stencil." - Mike DeMasi

  "Better get it on right cause its not comin off." - Roman







"Stencil stuff is all Josh Woods and i use. its amazing! thanks and we love you!" - Sean Herman

"I'm a portrait artist and I use Stencil Stuff cuz for me I need it 2 stick for hours and it does just that... Best Stuff Ever!!!" - Big Gus

"Stencil stuff is EPIC!" - Nathan Kostechko

With 58 years combined experience between these two guys Rick Walters said "Stencil Stuff is the right stuff" and Baba from Vintage tattoo said "Stencil Stuff is the best stuff he has ever used to apply a stencil and they use it everyday".